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For large volumes

Technical Details

  • The machine can automatically complete filling and bag forming and sealing, date code printing etc.
  • Servo-motor driven, twin belt film pulling system
  • Equipped with High sensitive fiber optic photo sensor to automatically trace color mark accurately
  • PLC control system combined with touch screen, can easily set and change the packing parameters. Daily production output and self-diagnostic machine error can be viewed directly from the screen
  • PID temperature controller monitors heat sealing temperature within ±1°C
  • Selected electrical and pneumatic components
  • Aisi 304 Stainless steel on parts with the product only, full inox version avalaible
  • On the machine can be installed all kind of dosing systems
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Totally customizable on client’s needs
  • Suitable for most part of the films
  • Model wit a integrated multihead available
  • Avalaible in 4 and 5 seals
  • Special high speed (box motion) available
  • Compact version available
  • “Bag in bag” version available
PM 420
PM 420
PM 420 + auger
PM 420 powder
PMW 420
PM 420 with different dosing units
AHP PM 420 + MHW10
PM 420 double line
PM 420 with 10 heads weigher for grangule
PM 520 inclined
PM 520 + auger filler + bsl
PM 520 + inclined conveyor + multihead + platform
PM 520 + auger 1000 + bsl 3
PM 620
PM 620 + pump filler
PM 620 5S
PM 620 + vertical conveyor + multihead
PM 620J with rotary lobe pump



MODELPM 420PM 520PM 620PM 720PM 1030
Bag width80-200 mm90-250 mm110-130 mm150-350 mm200-500 mm
Bag lenght80-300 mm80-390 mm120-450 mm200-400 mm200-600 mm
Film width420 mm520 mm620 mm720 mm1030 mm
Max speed15-50 pcs/min15-50 pcs/min10-45 pcs/min10-35 pcs/min5-8 pcs/min

It is not possible to combine all maximum dimensions