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Automatic L bar sealer

Technical Details

  • Simple handling due to digital program selection (10 individually storable programs)
  • Electrical height adjustment of the sealing stamp (product centering)
  • Discrete sealing knife temperature control (lengthwise/crosswise)
  • Possible bundling of one or more products
  • Electronically adjustable conveyor belt speed
  • Integrated batch counter
  • Combinable with a shrink tunnel
  • Protective cover (sensor-controlled)
  • Automatic winding of film waste


  • Film fold device
  • Labelling / Printing unit
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Product supply unit / Product pusher / Kissing belt function


MODELLA 5000LA 6000la 8000
Usable films:POF / PP / PEPOF / PP / PEPOF / PP / PE
Maximum film thickness:50my50my50my
Sealing frame size:450 x 410 mm610 x 480 mm860 x 670 mm
Sealing mechanism:L-Sealing StampL-Sealing StampL-Sealing Stamp
Maximum product dimensions:320 x 450 x 120 mm480 x 610 x 200 mm670 x 860 x 250 mm
Maximum reel sizes (L x Ø):480 x Ø 250 mm600 x Ø 200mm800 x Ø 300mm
Machine size:1850 x 1480 x 1620 mm2040 x 1550 x 1620 mm2580 x 1840 x 1620 mm
Conveyor belt speed:30 m / minute30 m / minute30 m / minute
Connected load (maximum):2,5 kW3,0 kW3,4 kW
Supply voltage:230 V230 V230 V
Machine weight (approximately):450 kg610 kg750 kg
Air pressure (dry air):5,0 bar5,0 bar5,0 bar
Sealing process:Up to 40 pieces / minuteUp to 50 pieces / minuteUp to 40 pieces / minute

It is not possible to combine all maximum dimensions